The Man to Replace David Moyes

With the Scot off to Old Trafford in the summer to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, after eleven years in the Everton manager’s seat, who is the ideal replacement?

The bookies have had their say listing Roberto Martinez and Michael Laudrup as the favourites for the job, but beyond these two are there any other suitable candidates?

Martinez has been with Wigan almost four years now having joined the club in July 2009, whereas Laudrup is a relative rookie to Premier League management, only just coming towards the end of his first campaign in charge.

Both of these have their links to Swansea City, who seem to have the almost perfect model when selecting a new manager, with each progressing the club whilst adding their own personal touch to an engrained philosophy within.

Last summer the Swansea manager at the time, Brendan Rogers and the man who seemed to get the ball rolling at Swansea, Roberto Martinez, were linked with the Liverpool managers position, but would Laudrup or Martinez want this job or are they even the correct managers for it.

Martinez has seemed to hit a wall in terms of his progression as a manager, with his club Wigan content to fight for survival each season, without showing the ambition to invest and progress or even to progress with what they have, something he was excellent at doing with Swansea.

Laudrup is a newcomer to the league and is still getting use to life in the Premier League, although he has won a trophy in his first season and even won his first game 5-0 away from home, can you really expect him to walk straight into a new job, where perhaps the infrastructure and set up, don’t appear to suit his style quite the same as it does in south Wales.

How about Mark Hughes.

Although his last job did not end up how perhaps many thought it might, or even predicted it to, after getting the sack at QPR would Hughes fit the criteria Everton may perhaps be looking for?

Hughes did a terrific job with Wales in his first management job, not many managers start on the international scene, then with Blackburn Rovers he challenged for European places in the Premier League and remained very competitive whilst managing on a budget, something Moyes has done for years at Everton.

The job he had done at Blackburn did not go unnoticed and he was given the chance to turn Manchester City into a powerhouse of English football, after taking over in 2008, with their Abu Dhabi takeover happening the year after his arrival.

Many regarded Hughes sacking as harsh and unfair, but he came back with Fulham in 2010 stabilising the club in European football leading them to an 8th placed finish, getting into the Europa League albeit through the Fair Play system.

Perhaps Hughes was too keen or believed he deserved to be managing at a higher level and with the Aston Villa and Chelsea posts available left Craven Cottage, only to fail in landing either job and leaving him out of work.

He came into QPR in January 2012 and saved the club, with a great end of the season, only to spend excessive amounts, something that it could be argued Hughes doesn’t rely on managing Blackburn and Fulham conservatively in the transfer window and when he did splash out did it in a considered manner with most signings paying dividends.

But last summer with QPR Hughes bought practically a new side, and unable to gel the team together wasn’t able to record a league for the opening 12 games before being sacked, something the club has not been able to recover from, leading them to relegation.

One bad job though should not rule this manager out.

He worked wonders with Blackburn, Fulham and even Manchester City, buying many of their influential players that are still their today including Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta. Not only with City did he unearth gems but with Blackburn with David Bentley, Roque Santa Cruz, Ryan Nelsen and Chris Samba and at Fulham he was responsible for the signing of Moussa Dembele.

If managers where thrown out and regarded not worthy after one bad job, how has Brendan Rodgers been able to get the Liverpool job after a poor start at Reading before getting sacked.

Even Rafael Benitez with Inter Milan, however he has been given the reins at Chelsea this season, although only on an interim basis, there is also the example of Andre Villas-Boas who did not perform as expected with Chelsea.

In fact that experience for Hughes could make him more hungry and willing to prove a point and may have learned while at Fulham to appreciate a stable job as in football management they don’t come along all too often.

This is a young British manager who knows the league, knows what it takes to work within budget and help players to progress and realise their potential, this could be the ideal appointment for Everton Football Club.


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